Cathead Bristow Gin


Produced using our vodka as a base, we macerate 10 different botanicals, for two weeks until a flavor profile has been reached and then redistill the gin. We slowly lower the overall proof to 94, and age the gin in stainless steel for 3 weeks prior to bottling to let the flavors mend. Juniper, Angelica Root, Cardamon, Cassia bark, Clove, Coriander, Hyssop, Licorice Root, Lemon Verbena and Sweet Orange

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I had the pleasure of going on a tour of the distillery a number of years ago (highly recommended as well) and had a sample of this gin at the end. I love gin, definitely my favorite spirit, and was honestly surprised by how good Bristow was. I'd tried Cathead's Honeysuckle vodka previously and was surprised then at how well they captured the taste of fresh honeysuckle (which I know from growing up in MidNowhere, Louisiana) but still foolishly didn't expect much from a gin from Mississippi. This was before USA gins were really a thing, and everyone "knew" real gin came from the UK. I say all that to say this, Bristow suckerpunched me right in the mouth in the best way possible. Smooth, balanced, and all around delightful. I highly suggest you letting it suckerpunch you the same way.