Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka


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We make our Honeysuckle Flavored Vodka by hand in small batches. Our process is simple, just like our memories of pulling honeysuckle off the vine. Bottled by hand, made from all-natural ingredients.

70 Proof

Maceration Process: 4 weeks

Sweetened with Louisiana Cane Sugar.

Soft floral and herbaceous aromas of Honeysuckle. A sweet and delicate flavor with a well-rounded fresh finish.

This reminds me of when I was a little girl in South Carolina. I would pick the honeysuckle flowers, and pull the stamen gently from the bottom of the flower very slowly. A tiny drop of honeysuckle nectar would appear. It tasted sweet and slightly floral. This is a sipper vodka, or you can make honeysuckle bubbles (add champagne) or a honeysuckle mule.

We found this Vodka while visiting New Orleans a couple of years ago. I mixed it with lemonade and my wife fell in love with the Honeysuckle Lemonade cocktail. Now I found it and ordered multiple bottles as it is her go to, even over Greygoose or Absolut.