Old Soul Bourbon Whiskey

Old Soul Bourbon Whiskey


We're excited to announce the 2021 release of our small batch Old Soul Straight Bourbon Whiskey—a precise blend of two whiskies with an identical high-rye mash bill + aged for four and five years respectively (even older than its predecessors!)  
With just 88 barrels produced, this year’s Old Soul boasts a more mature flavor profile and is bottled at 90 proof with a high-rye mash bill of 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley.
It's crafted the old-fashioned way — featuring a hand-selected precise blend of whiskeys distilled in Mississippi and Indiana — with each barrel reviewed by nose and palate. Aged in Mississippi's strong Southern heat and humidity, our Old Soul delivers older flavor notes throughout its maturation.

Tasting Notes: Deep amber in color. Toffee, dried fruit, leather and cocoa with undertones of bakery goods reminiscent of banana nut muffins on the nose. Delicate entry with a soft vanilla sweetness that leads  into a nutty caramel mid-palate followed by a long finish full of rye spice and leather.

Amazingly smooth and flavorful. Well worth every penny.

Finally a good high rye bourbon from a small distillery that is actually good and worth the price.

My wife and I were on a cross-country trip from Oregon to S. Carolina, then onto Florida. We stopped at a liquor store in Tupelo, Mississippi and found this gem . I have to say that it is THE BEST Bourbon I have ever had. It's almost sweet, it's very smooth, well balanced without a trace of bitterness. It truly is a masterpiece and a fine example of the fine art of ditillation. Wish I could buy in here in Oregon.